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Home Cinema and Smart Lighting Services by iQ Control

iQ Control is a reliable company that has the best resources to provide a comprehensive design, installation and maintenance service for a complete range of home automation, Home Cinema, Lighting Control, smarthome systems throughout Ireland. This business aims at automating everything that has a microchip in it and can fit inside your house. iQ Control has the most experienced team where every engineer and installation specialist is dedicated to providing a custom design to any sized home automation system. Whether it is the Smart Lighting Dublin or Home Cinema Dublin, this company is ready to complete Smart Home Automation system that enables devices throughout the home to be controlled using Control4. iQ Control is always happy to deliver customized solutions to each and every client. You will get bespoke system tailored to your individual and family needs. These services will also accommodate any budget.


If you want a smart lighting system installed in your house with a home cinema, then look no further than iQ Control. Don't dream anymore as this platform has everything you need and its latest venture is right for you. With this team, you will enjoy the Smart Lighting Dublin scheme. Be sure, this scheme coupled with the cinema is the best solution you could ever have. Gone are the days when people were dreaming to enter their home and see the lights on. With the help of the Smart Lighting Ireland, you can make your dream come true in no time and an affordable price. When the system is installed in your house you will be able to enter a room and have the lights turn on. You won't need to go and switch it on in the dark as the system will work automatically. The Smart Lighting Ireland is an awesome choice not only for lighting effects but also as a security measure. This means that you can rest assured everything will be under control in case of a fire. The lights can be programmed to show the quickest exit out without the smoke if linked to a smoke sensor. This scheme is surely a very amazing option and it is designed to suit your special needs. This perfect method will also reduce your energy bills. This system will automatically adjust for daylight saving. Just contact iQ Control and get detailed information on this wonderful system. Be sure, you will have a smart lighting experience with this team.


If you are also interested in watching movies at your own house and if you want all the effects like in the cinema then Home Cinema Dublin is what you need. Just sit back and watch the most exciting thrillers in no time with iQ Control. With just a touch of a button and within the comfort of your own house, you can easily watch your favourite movie. iQ Control guarantees that you will enjoy a fully automated and theatre quality cinema experience. You can have a great selection to choose from. You can opt for a full-screen wall cinema to a 40-inch flat screen experience. So hurry up to get this amazing offer and for further information please contact this team!