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Choose Control 4 Dublin and Make Your Home Smart

IQ Control is a one-stop company that offers very easy to use Smarthome Dublin system. This company will help you control any aspect of your home including Home Cinema, Lighting Control, Smart Heating, Multi-Room Audio and Smart Security from anywhere in the world. This is really amazing and you will just enjoy these solutions. The magic of a truly smart home will be always at your disposal as IQ Control will help you experience this. The company has the best team who will demonstrate incredible smart home solutions including Control 4 Dublin feature. The best thing is that you will get a personalized approach from this team as the specialists will tailor made the system based on your own home needs. Control 4 Dublin brings the best in Smart Home Automation control in Ireland. There is no need to look for another company as you can fully trust this team. Control4 will act as the main server in the home integrating movies, music, lighting, heating, security, CCTV, blinds & curtains, appliances, locks & many more into a simple elegant home control system/Smart home/Home Automation system. Due to Control 4 Ireland, you can easily control everything which is going on at home when you are away. You will receive alerts when somebody enters your house even if you are in another part of the world. Whether leak is detected in the basement or one door is open and light is switched on, you can control everything very easily. All of these possibilities are just at your fingertips, so hurry up to contact this team to enjoy safe and sound services.


Control 4 Ireland uses TV, touch screens, remote controls as well as smartphones & tablets so you can get full control of any device. Everything can be handled from the comfort of your home. Whether you are in your bed, sitting on an armchair or you are having a rest on the beach, you can control everything in no time. Control 4 is quite a flexible system so you will never have any reason to regret about. Due to this flexibility, you can start with just one room and then build your complete Home Automation system in future. IQ Controlis a licensed dealer of Control4 Ireland & Control 4 Northern Ireland designed to satisfy all the clients.


With the help of your phone or touch screen, you can activate the comfort settings. This company understands it very well that your home is the most important property for you. So in order to protect it, you should take up some reliable methods. Smarthome Dublin system is the best way to guarantee the safety of your home. With Control 4, it becomes so easy for you to check on your home from your television, touch screen, or just your smartphone when you are away. IQ Control allows you to monitor your home at any time despite your location. So why don't you take this opportunity? Get help from this team and setup Control 4 for your home.