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Enjoy Home Automation in Ireland

Do you want to live in a smart home and feel comfortable? iQ Control is ready to help you live in a fully automated home which is comfortable and inspiring. This company prides itself on delivering top-notch quality services throughout Ireland. Due to Home Automation Dublin, you will live in a smart home and control it despite your location. Whether you are on holidays, at home or workplace, you can control everything that is going on at your home with the help of your smartphone or tablet. If you have left one door open, light switched on or there is a leak in the basement, you will be able to control everything. As a result, you will get peace of mind and enjoy comfort and convenience. IQ Control knows that people love their house and it is the best investment of their life. So this company is dedicated to offering you reliable solutions of Home Automation Dublin. Just get these smart solutions and you will live smarter.


With iQ Control, you will get the most innovative services you have always wanted. You just need to contact this company and the professionals will get this system installed. At first, they will install it for one room so you can check whether it's effective and comfortable for you or not. Then you can build a complete smart home and live in a full comfort. iQ Control stands out due to its reliable and affordable services. This system is a perfect solution which will meet your budget. It can be customized according to the user's needs and you can be sure that it will be suitable for your lifestyle. When you get this system installed in one of your rooms you will see that your needs change throughout your life and you want Home Automation Ireland to be installed everywhere. iQ Control is ready to help you expand your possibilities with this system based on your budget. You can be sure that Control4 is also compatible with products or brands you have already bought for your home.


Home Automation Ireland is a magical solution that can change your lifestyles. You can be sure that this company will never fail you. Control 4 will act as the main server in the home integrating movies, music, lighting, heating, security, CCTV, blinds & curtains, appliances, locks & many more into a simple elegant home control system/Smarthome/Home Automation system. You will also enjoy Home Cinema Dublin when you deal with this company. If you want to watch movies at home and enjoy the same effects as you do when you are in the cinema, then iQ Control is ready to help you. Due to Home Cinema Dublin, you can watch exciting thrillers. Just make a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy a fully automated and theatre quality cinema experience. iQ Control will never leave you disappointed, so hurry up to contact this professional team and let them work magic in your house.