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Live in a Smart Home and Feel Comfortable

If you want to live in a smart home and feel comfortable then contact IQ Control. This company is a reliable source that brings the best services throughout Ireland. This team is always at your disposal to enjoy Control 4 Dublin. This is the best server in the home integrating movies, music, lighting, heating, security, CCTV, blinds & curtains, appliances, locks & many more into a simple elegant home control system/Smarthome/Home Automation system.  Control 4 Dublin uses TV, touchscreens, remote controls as well as smart phones & tablets. So what does this mean? It means that you can easily control everything going on at your home no matter where you are. Whether you are on holiday, at the meeting, or you are sitting on your armchair, you can control everything without any hassle. You should just have smartphone or tablet and everything will be handled faster than ever. Whether you have left one door open, the light switched on or there is a leak in the basement, you will be able to control everything. IQ Control will give you peace of mind so you can fully enjoy convenience. This company understands that a house is every person's best investment and he/she does everything to protect it. Due to Smarthome Ireland, you can save much money and live smarter than before.


You can be sure that you will never regret getting help from IQ Control. Control 4 is a fully flexible system. It is highly recommended to start with one room and then build your complete Smarthome Ireland over time. IQ Control prides itself on being an authorised dealer of Control4 Ireland. This team offers very easy-to-use home automation systems you will always enjoy. When you get these services you will see how your life becomes easier and you never face any issue. Gone are the days when it was a real challenge to find a trustworthy company in Ireland. With IQ Control, you can handle things easily as it is here to help you anytime and cover all your home automation needs. If you live in Ireland and want to have an automated home, then you can trust this team and be sure that the professionals will never fail to impress you.


IQ Control has already served thousands of people and made their life more enjoyable. Control4 Ireland is a revolutionary solution which has changed people's life. It also offers home cinema and smart lighting services. If you want to watch movies at home and enjoy the same effects as you do when you are in the cinema, then contact iQ Control. You cannot imagine how amazing it will be to enjoy your lovely films with a cup of tea or coffee, all from the comfort of your home. Be sure, you will have a fully automated and theatre quality cinema experience. The experts of IQ Control will also help you install the smart lighting system in your house as per your requirements. You can also rest assured that everything will be under control in case of a fire. The lights can be programmed to show the quickest exit out without the smoke if linked to a smoke sensor. So contact IQ Control now and get personalised solutions!