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Comprehensive Solutions for Your Comfort at Home and Business

If you want to live in a more comfortable home that will be up to date and meet the highest standards then you are in the right place. IQ Control prides itself on offering a comprehensive design, installation and maintenance service for a complete range of Home Automation, Heating Control, Smart Security, Home Cinema, Lighting Control, Smarthome systems throughout Ireland. When you deal with this company you will enjoy the most innovative solutions tailor made just for you. With just a few clicks, you can control everything despite your location. Due to these high-quality services, you will enjoy comfort and know what's going on in your home. When you opt for this Smarthome Ireland you will get awesome benefits. The dedicated team of engineers and installation specialists are always ready to plan custom solutions for homes of any size. Smarthome Ireland is a worthy investment and when you get it you will feel the magic of a truly smart home. IQ Control offers bespoke solutions to each and every client. Even if your money is paper thin, you can be sure that these services will meet your budget.

IQ Control has already helped many individuals and families to live a more comfortable life and enjoy the newest services. Control4 provides the best home automation. It acts as the main server in the home integrating movies, music, lighting, heating, security, CCTV, blinds & curtains, appliances, locks & many more into a simple elegant home control system/Smarthome/Home Automation system. Control4 uses TV, touch screens, remote controls as well as smartphones & tablets. The best thing is that this company allows you to start with one room at first and then build a complete smarthome. As a result, you can fully understand the whole process in practice and then decide whether you want to continue it or not. You can be sure that once you get smarthome solutions, you will immediately want to make the whole building smart.

If you want to enjoy Smart Lighting Ireland then contact IQ Control now. The technologies develop faster and lighting world is always updated. Houses and business often suffer from costly lighting, so this Smart Lighting Ireland is the best choice that will bring real results. Smart lighting is the best way that will help avoid costly lighting in home and businesses. No matter the space, smart lighting is an excellent solution for everywhere. The system of Smart Lighting Ireland will be installed in your house based on your needs. Thanks to this solution, you will live in absolute comfort. When you enter your home you will see the lights on. You don't need to go and switch it on in the dark as the system will work automatically. Moreover, if you leave your home and forget to switch off the lights, the system will work automatically. Smart Lighting Ireland is an awesome choice not only for lighting effects but also as a security measure. You can rest assured that everything will be under control in case of a fire. The lights can be programmed to show the quickest exit out without the smoke if linked to a smoke sensor. Contact IQ Control now for more details.